Saratoga Springs, NY | Engagement

I met up with Victoria and Matt in Saratoga State Park in Upstate NY and had the opportunity to hop around a few spots and have an outfit change before heading to downtown Saratoga to close out the night. As we got to know each other, I learned that they met each other more than once before actually dating. Matt was an owner of a restaurant that Victoria frequented. She had always commented to friends how cute he was but didn’t really talk to him beyond giving him her food order. But as the dating scene goes these days, they officially started dating after meeting through a dating app and the rest is history.

Spending time with these two made it SO clear how much they absolutely adore each other. Matt was so tender with Victoria as she made her way through the woods or anywhere else my creative brain pointed out that maybe a cool shot for. They were up for ALL of my wild ideas.

I truly can’t wait for their wedding next year at Edith Wharton’s Home, The Mount. It’s going to be EPIC.