Flatiron + West Village, NYC | Engagement

I’ve known Andrea since she was in college. After she graduated, she joined the company I was working with at the time. So needless to say, we go WAYYY back :) I’ve always been Andrea’s cheerleader not only from a mentor/mentee perspective but also as a colleague and a friend. She’s that friend that ALWAYS knows when it’s someone’s birthday and the first to rally up some options for restaurants to eat at when our crew was meeting up. So when Andrea mentioned she was starting to see Dan, my ears were PERKED! Who is he? What does he do? Where’d you meet him? Where’d he go to college? Is he wierd? Pretty much all the questions to size him up to see if he’s good enough for Andrea. (Girl deserves THE BEST!)

Well, his proposal was epic and I finally got to meet him back in April and I cannot say enough how happy I am that these two are getting hitched next May. But before next year, we had a chance to bop around their neighborhood (Flatiron) and then hop on over to one of their favorites, the West Village.

Congrats Andrea + Dan! Thanks for being so easy to work with by allowing me to capture you both being naturally you. xo

Flatiron engagement session