West Village, NYC | Engagement

This is a GREAT story! Wait for it…

Colleen found me on LinkedIn of all places! Most people probably would not think to find their wedding photographer there, but here we are :)

During my first phone call with Colleen and Kyle, I knew immediately that they would be individuals that I would connect with. Sure enough, their engagement session in the West Village proved my instincts were right. We met up early in the morning at Washington Square Park to start our shoot. And while we weren’t expecting tents to be set up for a fair being held later that day at 6:30 AM, we did not let that hinder our vision for the shoot. They were up for everything and anything I threw at them and it allowed us to capture the most gorgeous engagement session! We stopped by Buvette where they had their first date. Kismet was on our side and the staff had them sit at the very seats they were in for their date. Totally not planned. We went house shopping and found the perfect stoop and ended our shoot on the street of the Foreign Language Department for NYU.

It truly was perfect. There are literally so many good images below that I know you will also simply fall in love with these two as much as I have.

Colleen, Kyle, I can’t wait for your wedding in November!