The R Family

I have to tell you about a woman named Adrienne. She had 4 boys.  And grew to watch her boys grow up but never got a chance to see all of them marry.  Her boys built families and continued to have...more boys. 

But then one of her boys and his wife were expecting again. And in their true fashion, decided not to find out the gender of their child until s/he was born. (These are my people!) However, they knew that whether the baby was a boy or a girl, they would name the baby Adrienne/Adrian in honor of this little one's grandmother that they will not meet until it was their time. To the family's emotional surprise, Baby Adrienne was the lone girl who joined her brother and her football team of boy cousins. 

Baby Adrienne, I cannot even begin to express how ADORED you are by your parents. 

(*Sniff. I'm not crying. YOU'RE crying.)

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NYC Family Photographer
nyc family photographer
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NYC Family photographer
NYC FAmily PHotographer
NYC Family PHotographer
nyc family photographer