On a personal note: NYC Marathon

Exactly a month ago, I was running through the streets of the 5 boroughs with 50,000 other people in the NYC Marathon. 6 months and a day after having our second son my husband and I ran. I joked that it was our date because it is usually so hard for us to get away, just the two of us. 

So often I was asked, "Are you crazy?!How are you doing that? You just had a baby!" Here's the thing, the female body is AH-MAZING. It does things that you never thought it could do until you go through it. Having my first child was an awakening moment for me on many different fronts. From the biology of how our bodies are made to birth a child, breastfeeding, to postpartum depression(PPD); I wasn't ready the first time around to have a child. In order to regain my sense of SELF, I signed up on a whim for the NYC marathon lottery in 2014 thinking there's no way I would be selected. That and during a 3 am feeding, you get a bit delusional and you do things like sign up for a marathon. Well, as you probably figured out, I got selected and ran in 2014 and decided after I crossed the finish line that I would run a marathon after every child to combat the PPD that I would inevitably experience after having another baby. 

So 2016, I planned for it. This time, my husband was going to run with me. We ran the first three miles together and then he took off. He's a full 3 minutes faster than me per mile. and he totally kicked butt. He made the Marathon Edition of the New York Times. I wasn't as fast as he was but I ran a much smarter race this time than last and listened to my body early on in the race.  While I was 10 minutes slower, I finished MUCH stronger. I'm not sure if I have it in me to run another Marathon...but then again..never say never...


  • To Columbia University, for allowing me to train on their track for my night runs since the sun started setting at 5:30 pm :(. You provided a safe place to run and it made me feel like I was somewhat of an athlete as I ran in circles around your athletic teams...literally! 
  • To my in laws, for coming in and watching our boys while we ran. Then schlepping down to the race so we could see them both at Mile 24. We BOTH needed to see them to finish the race! 
  • To our community of mothers here in our neighborhood who watched my little guy while I went on training runs. You know who you are!
  • To my husband for doing something so wild and crazy like train and run the NYC Marathon with me and for ensuring that I always had time to train. 
  • To my sons, you are my reason to be. I would never be running marathons if it wasn't for you both. You inspire me to be a better mother, a better person, and someone who goes out to pursue their dreams. 
NYC Marathon