Fleur de Ferme

I met the mastermind behind Fleur de Ferme in December 2014 at a random Holiday Market in my new neighborhood. Monica is a creative genius when it comes to flowers. 

We did a shoot collaboration in Inwood Forest, the only legit FOREST left in Manhattan. In fact, Inwood Forest also has Native American Caves that dates back 30,000 years ago and early modern history dates it back to 1890. I didn't just make this up. Check out this small write up on the Indian Caves. 

So with a bit of Manhattan history as our backdrop, we were able to capture some gems below. Who knew this stuff EXISTS in Manhattan?!

*On a side note, if you are in the NYC/NJ area and are ever in need of some wedding flowers or flower arranging, please check out Fleur de Ferme and tell Monica I sent you. She's good people.