A little DIY never hurt anyone

We were gifted some old cabinets from the owners of our apartment before we moved in (I should have taken a before picture!). I wanted to add a creative element to my son's new room and figured I'd pick up some chalk paint, paint some cabinet doors, and give a new spin on things. 

My niece and nephew came into town for the little man's bday. I knew that I could make them my guinea pigs to be in front of the camera if I gave them an arts and crafts project; to draw something for Emerson for his room. 

Things I learned...

1. Kids move FAST! 

2. Chalk Smudges! Yes, the project was great in theory, but boy oh boy were(are) there chalk smudges. 

3. Kids act more natural in front of a camera if you give them an assignment. It allows them to focus on that than the camera being present. 

4. Everyone had fun for about 5 minutes... onto the next thing! 

I have a thing for elephants.  During my baby shower my mom gifted me a painting of an elephant she had done. This lady inspires me to the core. She literally picked up a paint brush 3 years ago (having never picked one up before) and just decided that she was going to start painting. And SHE IS GOOD! I mean dare I say, art gallery good. So we have her artwork framed for the guy. My younger brother came to visit for my son's first birthday and gifted an elephant sculpture that he has carried with him since he was a child. It's lived in every single place he's ever lived and he's passed it on to my little man.

These elephant pieces proudly sit on display.