This last weekend was a milestone for our family. Our little one turned 1 year old! We had grand plans for him; we had family come in to celebrate his birthday and sure enough, the little guy got sick. I mean, the sickest he has ever been. He ran a fever for three days and simply just wanted to snuggle as much as he could. I will have to do his one year old smash cake shoot another time. 

As our family rings in the new lunar year today, I am so incredibly grateful for what this last year of the horse has brought us. This last year brought us a great adventure that we never could have imagined or come close to planning. Our son was born and it's CRAZY to think that he has grown up to be a TODDLER. Everyone warned me how fast kids grow, but I simply had no idea. KIDS REALLY DO GROW IN THE BLINK OF AN EYE!! Our parents weren't lying!

I'll save some photos from his birthday party for another post, but i wanted to start this new year off right and say "Thanks." Thanks for all the gifts that were given to us this last year. 

Here's a photo I took during his b-day weekend once everyone had left. Everyone is spent...including Chai. This one pulls at my heart strings, people. These are the beings that I am SO grateful for...everyday. 

NYC Family Photographer

Happy Lunar New Year! May the year of the goat bring you joy, peace, prosperity and good fortune.