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I LOVE being a witness to the excitement of a couple that is about to commit their lives for all of eternity to each other.

I BELIEVE that new beginnings come with a bit of magic that will carry with you throughout your day and beyond.

I AM COMMITTED to documenting a moment in time that will be the foundation for what unites you through the tough times and the joyful ones.

About Kim-Trang

About Me

If anyone ever tells you that having a child won't change you, they are lying. Stare them in the face and watch their nose grow two inches. Two sons later, I can confidently say that they have pushed me to be more authentic to myself than anything I could have ever imagined. They are my "raison d'être."

One of my life goals was to be in great health, but a month after having my first son, I didn't FEEL healthy. (A diet of gourmet donuts, Belgian waffles and fried chicken will do that to you.) So on a whim, I decide to enter the random drawing for the NYC Marathon having never ran a marathon in my life. I mean, what's the likelihood I'm going to be one of the 9% that they select? Well 26.2 miles later, I can officially call myself a Marathoner.

This led me to think, "If I can run a marathon, what ELSE can I do?"

I spoke for YEARS (Seriously, since I was in high school) about being a professional photographer. I've always enjoyed taking photos and appreciated great photojournalism, but I never took the next step beyond vacation and family photos since it was not in line with the corporate career path that I was also focused and driven to succeed in. It was not until my first son was born that things shifted for me to also pursue something that fuels my soul. And after 14 years climbing the corporate ladder, I took the leap to jump into something that I had no formal education in to pursue something that was doing just that…fueling my soul. #retiredcorporateclimber


What’s important to me

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My values are my north star.

There have been so many teachable moments I’ve had in life that has really allowed me to shape what my true values are. And I’ve been lucky enough to build a business I can call my own to be so reflective of what my values are:

  • I believe in the power of gratitude.

  • I believe in kindness.

  • I believe in grace.

Kim-Trang Blair
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I’m passionate about helping those that need it.

When I was 8 years old, I took a trip to Vietnam where my family is from. I saw first hand the imprint of the Vietnam War that was still left on the people and was COMPLETELY impacted by what I had witnessed there. It’s memories from that trip that has really pushed me to be of service to others my entire life.

My family is definitely my number 1.

There’s no question in my mind that I’m meant to be a mother of boys. While some days I’m able to fully commit to building obstacle courses around our home, there are those moments that I’m lucky enough to cuddle up with them on the couch as we watch Dolphin Tale 1 or 2 for the 15th time.


Since then, I’ve traveled the globe helping others that are in need. And I have hopped in on a few trips with a good friend who started a foundation called the Young Dreamer Network, an organization focused in on creating the next generation of changemakers.

A portion of the proceeds is given to the Young Dreamer Network to provide schooling for children.

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