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NY Wedding and Lifestyle Photographer serving the Globe


About Me

I spent a dozen years in corporate America making dreams come true for college students seeking their destination. And yet, somehow, I had neglected my own journey – to see where my lifelong love of photography could lead. It was only after the birth of my first child that I decided to take a chance and create Kim-Trang Photography.

In my previous career, I traveled the world observing places and people and learning how culture affected how we all behave. It was in that day-to-day that I learned how to capture the simplest of events that document our lives. Hidden in life’s shadows, you can find the most brilliant of moments. Those are the ones I am looking for.

Today, we all can snap a high quality image – a freeze-frame in time. But there is nothing harder than turning that lens inward. That is my joy as a photographer – to allow my subjects to become their true selves, while I silently capture those moments they did not even realize were happening, on a day they never want to forget.


What’s Important To Me

“Family: where life begins and love never ends.”